Designed For Any Use You Need

GALENE’s project-specific solutions ensure that the process is optimal and the water is safely treated to make it the best possible for your application including potable water, industrial water supply, irrigation and more.

The way water should be treated.


GALENE offers an extensive range of premier water treatment solutions for middle market projects including factory built plug and play systems, field erected systems as well as design and procurement services for higher flow, civil work based projects.

To assure the most effective solution for your requirements, we employ a variety of systems depending on water quality intake and required discharge.


  • Skid Mounted Systems

  • Fixed Systems

  • Containerized Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO-FR)

Using advanced, licensed, proprietary flow reversal technology, GALENE is able to achieve an increase of up to 20% in permeate production, and up to a 60% reduction in reject flow, using the same amount of flow and pumping capacity in the intake. Units can be offered as grass root projects or retrofit of existing RO systems.

GALENE solutions are tailored to:

  • Brackish water treatment

  • Sea water treatment

  • High quality, recycled wastewater requirements

  • High quality, water treatment requirements


Using pressurized filtration vessels is the most effective way to reduce pressure loss, and increase backwash efficiency thus reducing energy requirements and project cost. The vessels can be used for a wide range of treatment requirements in a variety of configurations including:

  • Sand, Gravel and Anthracite Filtration

  • Activated Carbon Filtration

  • DI among other Ion Exchange Filtration

  • Any combination of above media


Automatic Filtration System (AFS)

An extensive range of filtration units are offered for different applications and water requirements. These units can be implemented as a stand-alone filter or as part of a complete water treatment solution.

The AFS family includes the following filters:

  • Automatic Screen Filters (ASF) family

  • Automatic Disc Filters (ADF) family

Iron Filtration System (IFS)

Using oxidation and filtration process is the most effective way to eliminate Iron, Manganese and Sulfur usually associated with bore well water.

GALENE'S IFS system is part of the MFS family and is tailored specifically for tight budget projects where a low cost solution is required. 

Heat Exchangers & Cooling Towers Filtration System (CTPK)

Using screen and disc filters is the most cost effective way to reduce suspended solids from open and closed circuit water systems.

GALENE's CTP skid mounted system is part of the AFS family and is tailored to deliver a simple and robust solution, increasing efficiency, reducing M&O cost, extending the life and reducing the nutrients availability for Legionella growth in cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers and condensers