Mississippi woman asks EPA to investigate community's ‘brown water'

By: Tom Dees

Updated:Nov 5, 2018 - 10:07 PM

PANOLA CO., Miss. - A North Mississippi mother was fed up with brown colored water flowing out of her faucet, so she asked the EPA to investigate what is wrong. 

However, the water company said nothing is wrong. 

Carrie Russell said two rust-colored samples are from her tap water at home that she gathered last week. 

“There generally is no rhyme or reason – you could go a week with clean water and the next week it’s black, and then two days clean and the next week it’s red. It’s always a surprise,” Russell said.

Water Association provides the water to the woman’s home. FOX13 spoke with them about the water. 

The company told FOX13 the water does come out “stained with iron from time to time, but it’s within acceptable limits.”

Russell said what is not acceptable is that any clothes washed in the discolored water are either ruined or have to be washed again. 

Russell also claimed that she ran a lead test on the water and it came back positive. 

The State of Mississippi told her those tests are not reliable and the result could have been a false positive. 

“They said they are very sensitive and that there could have been a mistake on my part even I tried to as accurately as possible do the test and follow the instructions,” Russell said.

Liberty Hill Water Association would not comment on Russell’s lead claims. 

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