Whole House Filter Comparison

Dare To Compare:

•GALENE Systems Give You More Contaminant Removal
•Reverse Flow gives you more contaminant absorption capacity

Configurations available:

• 1 – 3 bathroom homes
• 4 – 6 bathroom homes
• Standard or Premium

Premium system benefits:

• Higher contaminant removal effectiveness
•100% fail safe with complete system bypass
•Factory assembled, pre-plumbed and tested, for simple and economic installation


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Do I need a Filtration System?

The fact that you can’t taste it, does not mean that the contaminants are not there. Contaminants can come in different forms, from unpleasant odors and color, through deposit creating calcium and magnesium, to a wide range of other unwanted contaminants such as VOC’s among others.

Rest assureD GALENE has the perfect solution for your needs.