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Why Galene Water Treatment?

For over 26 years, Galene Water Treatment has been providing the highest-quality, home water purification systems available on the market.

We are dedicated to providing nothing but the best when it comes to water treatment solutions. No matter what your water issue is, we can handle it.  Our certified water specialists are trained to identify, contain and eliminate virtually any water problem in Florida.

Why You Should Call Galene.

  • Unbeatable Factory Direct Pricing For Top Quality Products

  • 5 Star Google Rating and A+ BBB

  • No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee if Not 100% Satisfied

  • Salt and Salt-Free Systems Which Means No Lugging Bags of Salt and No Electricity

  • Locally Owned and Operated

  • Products Built Here in the USA

We know you’ll love your Galene home water filtration system. That’s why we offer you a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!

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Is Your Water Safe Florida

Hard Water

Hard water is a serious problem here in Florida. Although it is safe to consume, the dissolved minerals build up over time leaving scale deposits on dishes, sinks, faucets and potentially damage water-based appliances.


Chlorine is used to disinfect water and prevent waterborne diseases but too much can cause a strong odor, change the way your drinking water tastes and dry out your skin and hair. A strong smell can also be a warning that your well pump is not working properly.


Our water supply is at risk from organic contamination by bacteria. Septic tanks, livestock, and poorly installed wells are common sources of bacteria. There are several health risks associated with bacterial contamination, including infection and illness.

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Benefits of Water Filtration

1. You Get Great Tasting Water from Every Tap

2. No More Waste and Expense from Plastic Water Bottles

3. Longer Life For Appliances and Pipes With Less Scale Build-Up

4. Leaves Skin and Hair Silkier and Smoother

5. Reduces Spotting from Hard Water

6. Removes Foul Oder from Sulphur and Chlorine

7. Reduces Chlorine and Chloramine


Top Four Reasons Floridians Choose Galene Water Treatment

More than a Thousand Florida Residential Systems
Used by top quality food and beverage retailers where pristine water is critical for the quality of what they offer
Also Trusted by Cities and Counties for Water Filtration Needs
Led by Engineers, Not Salespeople
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