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Save Time and Money with one of Florida's Most Trusted Water Softener Systems

Save Time and Money with one of Florida's Most Trusted Water Softener Systems

As a fellow Floridian, you know that the addition of a home water filtration treatment system is essential to ensure clean water for you and your entire family. That’s because the Sunshine State has the second worst drinking water in the United States, according to the National Resources Defense Council.

One of the main culprits is hard water, which contains high amounts of damaging minerals such as calcium and magnesium that negatively affect your home in a variety of ways. Serious issues hard water causes:

Dry Skin and Hair After Bathing

Mineral Buildup in Water Fixtures

Damage to Water-Based Appliances

Fading, Worn-out or Frayed Clothing

Spots on Dishes, Glasses and Silverware

Rust Stains

Soap Scum in Bathtub

Bad Tasting, Smelly Water

Say Goodbye to Hard Water

Say Goodbye to Hard Water

At Galene Water Treatment, we offer high-quality, affordable water softeners to reduce unwanted minerals from your water. Our certified water specialists are trained to identify, contain and eliminate any hard water problem you face no matter where you live in Florida.

As a popular water softener company hired by restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and families like yours, we offer the most effective, durable water softening products that last longer, require little maintenance and outperform the competition.

Businesses that Trust Galene Water Treatment

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Schedule a Free Water Assessment Today

We are a Florida company specializing in helping Florida families and businesses have safe, great tasting water every day. Take control of your family’s most precious resource.

Enjoy all the benefits of soft, filtered water that eliminates hard water and tastes great! Simply fill out the form or call 407-307-3195 and schedule a free water assessment today.

We know you’ll love your Galene home water filtration system. That’s why we offer you a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee!

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