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From: $935.00

The GALENE GC System is a Whole House Water Filter for reduction of Chlorine, Chloramines and other Volatile Organic Carbons and Heavy Metals. the system combines:

  • Particulate filter

  • Specialized media Mix
  • *Configuration

    Reset options

    Available Upgrades

    Ultraviolet disinfection system (UV). UV25 for up to 3 Bathrooms, UV55 for 3 to 6 Bathrooms.

    UV25 or UV55

    Sediment/CTO Cartridge Replacement Filter

    Cartridge Filter

    Installation kit for connecting the system parts together

    Installation Kit

    Special media for high efficiency for reduction of fluoride and metals

    Plus Media

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  • Minimizes exposure to many unhealthy constituents in your water
  • Leaves great tasting water
  • Eliminates bad odor from water
  • Leaves water crystal clear
  • Reduces buildup in pipes
  • Low Maintenance
  • Back wash capable
  • Reduces Dirt / Rust / Sediment
  • Reduces Chlorine / Chloramines
  • Reduces Foul color / Taste / Odor
  • Reduces Pesticides and Insecticides
  • Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Reduces Scale Build Up
Gc Series 2
Uv Copy
Plus Media

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